These images are all taken at night or dusk looking at places people walk past on the way home from work. People hurry through the streets past these dark corners of the city which some may find intimidating, rushing home to the warmth of their houses where they spend the night in safety.

I stop and look at spaces, which are quiet, and of no real importance. Spot lit by street lamps shrouded in darkness. I look at the beauty in the everyday environment, pausing to contemplate the corners of the world, which despite their beauty remain unnoticed.

I feel like I am collecting these places. Areas people do not often look at day to day. They do not seem to have much significance during the day, but at night they take on a different feeling, it is like time stands still, it is silent and deserted.

A contemplative mood takes over these places, the same night after night, something predictable about it. Clues are found to tell us about the people who inhabit the areas, but not in straightforward ways. Traces of our past kept secret from us, retained in dark hidden places waiting to be discovered.