Masters Show

Our show is on from Friday 18th September - Monday 28th September at the University of Brighton foyer.

This is the press release:

MA09 showcases diverse new work by students graduating from the University of Brighton MA Photography course. This year’s graduates will be exhibiting a wide variety of work that aims to push the boundaries of documentary, editorial, landscape and still life photography. Using a range of different media – photography, video, holography, and modes of exhibition that range from the formal framed print to the installation, from photobook to plasma screen, their work demonstrates the wide variety of individual research projects undertaken on the course.

Work featured in the exhibition ranges from the political analysis of space and place, as in Ignacio Acosta’s spectacular high definition photographs of Canary Wharf office blocks and Corrine Silva’s trenchant analysis of the postmodern landscapes of modern Almeria, to more personal and psychologically inflected representations of the English landscape: Paul Kemp’s melancholic suburban parklands and Will Woods’ explorations of landscapes that are tinged by unexpected intimations of the marvellous and unexpected. The structures of the unconscious, the dream and the filmic determine the photo-narratives of Eva Voutsaki, and the unconscious as the site of trauma is the starting point for Will Sadowski’s explorations of war imagery, artefacts, and stories. Andrew Moran presents a series of video pieces that explore the relationship of the still to the moving image through a reflective practice. This meditation upon a kind of photographic death is paralleled by Lisa Creagh’s huge flower pictures that interrogate the relationship between the 17th century flower painting and the airless fractal space of the digital print.