Pecha Kucha

Last week I presented my Common Places at Brighton's Pecha Kucha night at the Lighthouse Arts Centre. It was a interesting night and enjoyable one too. I had not presented my work in public before and was a little nervous, but I do have to say the format of the night helped somewhat. The night, held in somewhere that serves drinks, with sofas etc and the lights dimmed brings about a relaxed atmosphere. The people attending are there to support the presenters, and with no time for questions etc there is as a quick turnaround between the presenters. The presentations themselves are relatively quick too, the format is that each person shows twenty slides, with each slide shown for twenty seconds the speech last just 6 minutes, 40 seconds. This then produces a concise presentation that cuts right to the heart of the topic that is being shown. I was fourth in line and then had the rest of the evening to watch and enjoy myself, a very interesting evening.