My Camera Kit

I thought i might be interesting to make a post about the camera kit i use for my landscape photography.

I teach students with ever advancing camera technology; digital SLRs with ever increasing image sensors and autofocus features etc, my camera has not changed since i purchased it around ten years ago though!. 

I purchased the camera when studying for my Degree and up to that point i had used and owned many different cameras, since then i have for most of my own image taking used this camera setup. Large format photography is a completely different way of working and i enjoy its limitations as much as its specific benefits.

The specific kit: Wista folding field camera, 135mm lens (i also have a 90mm that i use rarely), light meter, plenty of darkslides, a large heavy tripod and step stool, cable release, spirit level, dark cloth, notebook, spare batteries, and i am sure a few other things.