The Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park

I went to the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park to test some film and use some new camera kit a week or so ago. The park surrounds the Imperial War Museum and is near the college so I went before teaching. I was shooting every scene using two different films to then decide which I preferred, and my new piece of kit, well that is a lovely new loupe to focus my field camera with. I can't believe I used some plastic one until now as the new Silvestri loupe is a joy to use. 

The images here are from scans using the Adox CHS 100 film 5X4, the other film I used was Fomapan 100. They are both very well priced large format film and compared to Ilford or Kodak they are bargain priced. 

I am not quite sure which film I prefer yet, I had used the Fomapan film before, I have been staring at the shots on a lightbox using my new loupe to see the differences and qualities of the films but not have not made my mind up yet.