Exhibition Installation: Reflective Dialogues

I spent yesterday helping a colleague set up an exhibition at Morley College, it took most of the day and i think it looks rather good!

Reflective Dialogues

7th Sept - 10th Oct 2013

An exhibition to mark the end of a project connecting different adult education colleges to use virtual learning in their teaching.

Here is the Blurb on the project and exhibition:

A unique photography exhibition - tutors and students have created portraits of each other.
This exhibition is the final event of a Learning and Skills Improvement Service funded Leadership with Technology Project which ran between August 2012 – March 2013. The project recruited 10 Art & Design practitioners from five London ACL providers to pilot online learning technology. Programmes included a range of subject areas including: Art Foundation, Dressmaking, Painting & Drawing, Photography, and Stained Glass. One of the aims of the project was to work towards developing a community of Art & Design practitioners using technology.
The exhibition focuses on the key relationship underpinning the use of electronic ILPs (Individual Learning Plans) – the relationship between practitioner and student. Participants in the project communicated that the reflective dimension of the creative learning process is often something that it is hard to find time for. An eILP can provide a private space for learners to reflect and develop a dialogue with their tutor around this process. Practitioners and students from each of the programmes within the project have produced paired portraits to extend this reflective dialogue visually.
The five providers in the Consortium were AEC Bexley, CALAT, Morley College, NALS Newham, and Working Men’s College.

For further info etc see the website: