Two courses starting next week!

Courses starting next week!

I have two courses starting next week which still have places, they are Beginners Digital SLR Photography & Advanced Digital SLR Photography

Beginners Digital SLR Photography

Starting on the 20th September 2-5pm

Heres the Blurb:

This course demystifies the digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera so that students can get the most out of their equipment. Through demonstrations and hands-on sessions, students will learn how to use the settings and functions of their cameras while practising taking digital photographs.

You will I learn on the course:

Good use the aperture and shutter speed controls
Expose images correctly
Choose the right settings for particular scenes
Good use of lens focal length
Import and edit images
Produce interesting images

Advanced Digital SLR Photography

Starting on the 18th September 6-9pm 

Heres the blurb:

This advanced masterclass offers hands-on practical instruction on your digital SLR camera and is the next step up in learning how to control digital imaging processes. You will learn the skills needed to take photographs to a professional standard. Learning how to set up and light a professional studio, how to use a light meter to measure the light capacity, and how to control light, camera settings and correct exposures. 

You will I learn on the course:

Produce images to a high standard technically
How to effectively control focus for different situations
How to control exposure effectively for different lighting situations
Use of different speedlight flash techniques
Use studio lights for producing portrait images
Use an handheld exposure meter
Self critique of your work