Another Morley Course review

Another review from a student from one of my Morley College courses:

I have just completed my second year at Morley College, having taken both level 2 and level 3 City & Guilds photography courses.  They are year-long courses, with weekly three-hour classes.  The lessons were varied; in one we would learn about and practice a particular photographic technique or genre, or process digital files in Lightroom, and in the next we would share our own images in order to give and receive some invaluable feedback.  The tutor is a photographer and experienced teacher, with a thorough understanding of the C&G assessment criteria, so is able to guide students towards producing their best possible work.  He is happy to answer questions and is open to feedback from students – particularly in level 3 – about the kind of topics they would like to cover in class.

The focus, particularly in terms 2 and 3, was very much on our own projects because this is how C&G assesses the level of each student’s work.  There were some guidelines about the themes that we could choose for our projects, but they were fairly broad and I didn’t feel limited by them.  In fact, in both years I was amazed at the diversity of the work that we produced and its standard, and I certainly learnt a great deal from my peers.  Some of us have remained in contact and are planning monthly meetings, with visits to exhibitions, photo shoots and trips to the pub on the cards!

I think it important to say that these courses demand more of the students, in terms of the work needed outside of class, than some others because, for each assessed project, there is both photography and written work to complete.  It is a commitment, but one that, looking back, I certainly don’t regret.  There is plenty of support available throughout, both from the tutor and from the other students, as well as the opportunity to exhibit images within college and to finish the course with well executed and well presented project work to be proud of.


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