My Cameras


Canon 6D

Sharp, light and small for a full frame camera and with a 24-70mm lens a really good all-rounder


Sony A7ii

Small and light with interchangeable lenses, (I Just have the 28-70mm lens at the mo!)

Fuji X 100T

Such a wonderful light small camera that is easy and fun to use, possibly my favourite

Fuji Instax Wide

Big instant camera which is a lot of fun, producing landscape view images

Fuji Instax Mini

Smaller and slightly more advanced instant camera producing portrait view images

Holga 120

A plastic 120 roll film camera, rather fun a produces rather interesting dreamy results 

Ilford Harman Titan Pinhole

Ilford pinhole camera made by Harman out of ABS plastic so its light, takes 5x4in sheet film

Wista 45SP 5x4in Technical Camera

Big, heavy, slow, but amazingly sharp film camera using 5x4in sheet film


And a few more...