Reviews for my teaching at Morley College taken from the HotCourses website

Finish the course with work to be proud of

City & Guilds Photography Level 3

by Caz - September 2016

I have just completed my second year at Morley College, having taken both level 2 and level 3 City & Guilds photography courses. They are year-long courses, with weekly three-hour classes. The lessons were varied; in one we would learn about and practice a particular photographic technique or genre, or process digital files in Lightroom, and in the next we would share our own images in order to give and receive some invaluable feedback. The tutor is a photographer and experienced teacher, with a thorough understanding of the C&G assessment criteria, so is able to guide students towards producing their best possible work. He is happy to answer questions and is open to feedback from students – particularly in level 3 – about the kind of topics they would like to cover in class. The focus, particularly in terms 2 and 3, was very much on our own projects because this is how C&G assesses the level of each student’s work. There were some guidelines about the themes that we could choose for our projects, but they were fairly broad and I didn’t feel limited by them. In fact, in both years I was amazed at the diversity of the work that we produced and its standard, and I certainly learnt a great deal from my peers. Some of us have remained in contact and are planning monthly meetings, with visits to exhibitions, photo shoots and trips to the pub on the cards! I think it important to say that these courses demand more of the students, in terms of the work needed outside of class, than some others because, for each assessed project, there is both photography and written work to complete. It is a commitment, but one that, looking back, I certainly don’t regret. There is plenty of support available throughout, both from the tutor and from the other students, as well as the opportunity to exhibit images within college, and to finish the course with well executed and well presented project work to be proud of.


Excellent City and Guilds Photography courses

by Ed - September 2016

I did the City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 courses overs two years and found them excellent. The tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive and the facilities were very good. I chose from a range of possible project themes which were assessed at the end of terms 2 and 3 following a general first term. As well as developing photographic skills for a range of purposes, skills in presenting photos were also learnt. Would recommend highly.


The steps before you go out into the big world

City & Guilds Photography Level 3

by V - July 2016

This class is hard and fast from the get go. Homework, learning, getting your first of the two submissions in and getting it up to the levels of distinction. Its all here. But its a great atmosphere and Paul's teaching opens up your mind and gets your creativity side working (just ask him about the million pound photo). Your really put to the test on how and where you want to take your photography and Paul is always so helpful and friendly. Still love the way he works so effortlessly on the mac in either lightroom or photoshop. I was with such a great bunch of people in my class and they were so creative in their photography styles and thats what this course does. It brings all the styles and genre's of photography into 3 hour filled lesson and believe me, the time goes quick. I really want to make a career out of this industry and this course has definitely given me the confidence to go out there and make something of myself. And it will do the same for you if you ever want to go down that road. Even if you dont, what you learn, will stay with you forever.


A good year's learning

City & Guilds Photography Level 2 (b)

by Kim - June 2016

Thanks Paul for your patience and genuine wish to help and encourage and see people do well. I've enjoyed it.