I work using analog film and cameras, growing up in a pre digital world I learnt on a Pentax ME Super that was my grandfather’s, I have owned and used many different cameras since then. During my degree My cameras kept getting bigger. I used the brilliant Mamiya 7 roll film camera for a period and then progressed to using a large format camera. A slow process, using a large old-fashioned looking camera always on a tripod, cumbersome and heavy. Going for long walks, carrying a large backpack and tripod, with the maximum of 12 5x4 inch negatives. I used the that method of image capture for many years, documenting different landscapes around where I lived. 

I have recently changed to shooting medium format film, using either a Mamiya 6 or Rolleiflex 2.8f cameras. Handheld smaller format cameras which have changed my work again, its certainly not quite snapshot but still a quicker more freeing experience. My interests have also changed from a more landscape focus to a documentary project goal, exploring how people and places interact. I have with that in mind gained an interest in portraiture and it’s role in placing the person within places I document. 

My current interest involves Worthing, a town I have recently moved to and have grown to love. I used my camera at first to give me an impetus to get out and explore, this in turn started my interest in different aspects of the town, it’s people, history and culture.


2009 - University of Brighton - MA in Photography           

2006 - University of Wales Newport - PGCE In Further Education and Training

2002 - University of Brighton - BA Hons Editorial Photography (2-1)

1997 - Guildford College of FE & HE - BTEC National Diploma In Photography

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